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At 3RNet it is our mission to connect medical providers with suitable positions in rural and underserved areas across the country. The goal is to fill jobs with people that will thrive within the community and provide excellent service to those living there. Successful matches are a team effort. One such success story comes to us from Joel M. Chupp, who works as a physician recruiter for his community. Joel has shared with us his experience in using 3RNet...

Q: What makes 3RNet unique? Or, if you worked with a 3RNet member, what was unique about the assistance they provided? 
A: What makes 3RNet unique is the focus on the needs of rural hospitals.

Q: Please describe your experience working with 3RNet. 
A: I posted a position for an Internal Medicine opportunity at our facility on the 3RNet website.

Q: Why did (or do) you choose to work with 3RNet? 
A: I chose to work with 3RNet because I knew that 3RNet works with rural facilities like ours.

Q: What are the benefits for health professionals practicing in a rural or underserved area? 
A: The benefits of practicing in a rural area are the ability to make a difference in people's lives, the level of appreciation for services offered, becoming a valued member of the community, and the level of independence and autonomy in practice.

Q: What type of impact does access to healthcare provide to your community? 
A: Our area has the largest population of people of the Amish faith in the world.  The Amish rely on drivers and hired transportation services when medical services are needed.  Having providers within our community helps minimize travel time and having to leave the community to receive medical care.

Q: Can you share a successful recruitment story with us? 
A: After more than a year and a half of actively seeking an Internal Medicine provider for our community, we were contacted by a physician requiring a J-1 Visa waiver who noticed our posting on the 3RNet website.  Following a visit and several interviews we came to an agreement with this highly qualified physician who will be an excellent fit for our community.  

Job postings on the 3RNet website can lead medical providers to positions in places that they may have never heard of. This not only benefits job seekers, but also the citizens living in these communities across the nation that need access to quality medical care. If you are a health care facility, apply now to start the process of getting your jobs posted on 3RNet! Do you have questions about posting on 3RNet? Contact us

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