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We had the opportunity to ask Courtney Dursteler six questions about her experience with 3RNet. Courtney is the Human Resources Manager at Franklin County Medical Center in Preston, Idaho. FCMC is a critical access hospital facility that uses 3RNet (both our Idaho member and our website) to help with their recruitment efforts.

  1. How do you work with 3RNet? Both our member in Idaho and our website?
    Franklin County Medical Center (FCMC) has used 3RNet as our main tool for recruiting physicians and allied staff for many years. The website is easy to navigate and I like how I can change/update our employment opportunities as often as they change. What I’ve found very helpful is the weekly e-mails from the 3RNet member showing me a list of potential candidates. 
  2. How is 3RNet important to your organization? 
    As a rural, critical access hospital, it is important to us that we use our financial resources in the most responsible way. Recruiting physicians and other providers can become an expensive line item in our budget. 3RNet not only delivers quality candidates to my inbox every week, but provides a system where I can work directly with that candidate to negotiate a contract without the middle man. We feel this process gives us the opportunity recruit our “new friends” as we build personal relationships with the candidates through various meetings/phone calls/dinners/interviews. With this method, both our facility and the candidate really know what they’re getting before a contract is signed. 
  3. What are some of the things you like about 3RNet (again, feel free to speak to both our member and/or our website)?  
    I’ve really appreciated the customer service provided by the Idaho 3RNet member. There was a time that I was having difficulty getting the weekly emails. The staff went above and beyond to contact me, trouble shoot the problem and then eventually coming up with a solution that would benefit me even though it would take extra work each week on their part.
  4. Have you been able to recruit any providers through 3RNet? What type of provider(s), and what difference has this made to your organization?

    The candidates that we have contacted have always been quality and it is such a good resource for providers that you know are interested in working and living in your area. In the past two years, we’ve hired a mid-level and an Internal Medicine physician using 3RNet. We’ve found that these candidates-turned-employees were quality hires. Our community has been impressed by their knowledge, backgrounds and willingness to become part of our community. This type of recruiting has saved us thousands of dollars in recruitment costs.

  5. What do you think makes 3RNet different from other job boards / recruitment websites?

    It’s the physicians that submit themselves to the website with their preferences for areas/work. No cold calling. 

  6. Anything else you’d like to say about your experience with 3RNet? 

    We’ve paid to post on various other websites and signed contracts with recruiters. Recruiting using 3RNet gives us the most value and has been the most successful method of recruiting over any other process/website I’ve found. 

To learn more about job opportunities in Idaho, please visit Idaho's 3RNet page here.

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