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This post comes to us from this week's featured member, Indian Health Service.

Since 2012, when the Indian Health Service (IHS) became an organizational partner, we have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with 3RNet National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network.

IHS and 3RNet share the common mission of engaging primary health care professionals and helping them to find jobs in rural and underserved areas throughout the country. Our national identity and marketing brand blends seamlessly with the mission and vision of 3RNet.

By providing its members with professional support and ample networking opportunities, 3RNet allows IHS’ Division of Health Profession Support (DHPS) Web access to post and manage jobs, mine résumés and search facilities. IHS recruiters are notified by email when candidates express an interest in applying for an IHS position or want to learn more about the IHS Loan Repayment Program (LRP). Recruiters then follow up on these leads by sending the interested candidate an introductory email with Indian health career information and a request for the candidate’s CV.

We attend the annual 3RNet conference, where we exchange recruitment and retention strategies, as well as ideas and lessons learned. We also share in 3RNet’s mandate to share, support and strategize about our collective solutions for the placement of health care professionals in rural areas. Our mutual interest in these candidates, who are comfortable with and capable of working in a rural setting, sets us apart from other government and nonprofit organizations. We benefit from understanding and sharing the intricacies of hiring clinicians to serve in rural American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

In addition to the 3RNet conference, networking opportunities exist at national physician recruitment conferences, where we arrange for close booth proximity in order to easily refer candidates between our organizations.

Finally, IHS recruitment efforts are supported by 3RNet’s national promotional efforts and technical support.  Because 3RNet immediately informs IHS recruiters of interested candidates, we are able to follow up in a timely manner. Headquarters’ recruiters can then securely forward candidate information to the appropriate field recruiters.

The partnership with 3RNet is recognized as one of the most instrumental in IHS’ recruitment efforts, given the unique synergy among IHS staff and the 3RNet organization.

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