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Attention facilities! Do you promote these strengths when talking with candidates? Use these tips from our Pennsylvania member, Judd Mellinger-Blouch, to make the most of how you advertise your jobs and facility!

Our Recruitment Advantage
The competition to recruit physicians and other providers is fierce and getting fiercer. Large health systems have an advantage because they offer bigger salaries and more resources. But 3RNet members and their affiliated health facilities have advantages that we need to stress:

Loan Repayment
Whether through the National Health Service Corps or a state loan repayment program, healthcare facilities in health provider shortage areas often qualify as sites eligible for loan repayment. Do all recruitment candidates already know this? No, they do not. Are they interested? Yes, absolutely. 

Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Many candidates have heard about Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) but they’re sketchy on the details. Non-profit 501c3 and public health organizations are among the qualifying employers for PLSF. Some of your current employees may actually qualify when the first forgiveness takes place in 2017.

Your Story Is Better than Your Competitors’
Your health centers have great stories to tell. Without exception, they’re a story of humble beginnings and continued service to patients and communities. That compelling story helps you connect emotionally to employment candidates. Use a video camera or mobile device to interview founders and long-time employers.

Your Providers’ Stories Are Powerful
The stories your providers tell are powerful. Providers find their fellow professionals credible. So why not use real-life tales from your providers when recruiting their peers? Get one of your providers talking and take a video on your mobile device. Then post the video on YouTube and link to it.

Clinicians Have Autonomy
Providers want to be able to take care of patients with a minimal amount of interference. Health centers for the underserved offer that opportunity better than other employers. Your physicians and other providers have to step up to lead health care teams and they welcome that opportunity.

Teams Work at CHCs
Teamwork is a core value at community health centers. Your provider prospects want to know this. Millennials in particular are interested in equal treatment. When you’re talking to candidates or new employees, make sure they know how much you value each member of your team.

Emphasize the Quality
We all know that safety-net facilities offer high quality care, but does the candidate you are recruiting know it? Physicians and other providers want to know they will be working for an organization that values quality care. Fortunately, Community Health Centers can provide quality metrics in the form of UDS data. 

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