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Besides being husband and wife, Annika and Geoff Maly are family medicine residents set to Work, Play and Live in Oregon beginning September 2016. Here are the experiences and insights they’ve shared on what led them here.

1)      Why practice rural?
It would truly be the culmination of our medical school, residency and job applications to answer this question. The short, funny answer is that we would do anything to avoid malls, traffic and large crowds. Wide-open spaces and wilderness is what grounds us. The more serious answer is that we’ve been dreaming about and training for rural, full-spectrum family medicine for the past 9 years and we’re finally making that dream a reality.

2)      Why family medicine?
One could say it all began when Geoff and I met at the rural family medicine BBQ at OHSU that first week of med school. But family medicine is a lifestyle. We live and breathe family AND medicine. To some it wouldn’t work to have little life/work separation, but for us, that is the beauty of family medicine. We have our medical family, our community family and our family-family--and they are all one unto the other.

3)      Describe your experience with recruitment and 3RNet.
Our residency program director introduced us to 3RNet in the spring of 2015 and we posted our CVs shortly thereafter. We planned a week-long road trip in the fall and toured towns in Idaho, Montana and Oregon, exploring different medical models--based on what we found on 3RNet and connections through our residency faculty. Colleagues, community, and commitment to person-centered medical care were our big ticket items.

4)      What’s exciting about your future practice at Winding Waters Clinic in Enterprise?
We’re most excited about the community-centered medical home, a vibrant, innovative, and committed staff, and the opportunity to provide full-spectrum care. The clinic staff seems to enjoy working together and the atmosphere is very supportive to all members of the care team.

5)      Any advice on attracting residents to your practice?
Loan repayment is a big plus. Posting to 3RNet and connecting with residency directors are also good ways to get the word out.  

6)      Any advice for candidates?
As students, we’d encourage you to spend time in a rural environment and picture yourself there. As residents, moonlighting can bring experience of being on your own with few resources and make the transition to being a rural doc a bit less scary.

For opportunities with underserved populations in Oregon, go to www.3RNet.org/locations/Oregon  or contact Julie Hoffer: hoffer@ohsu.edu

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