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3RNet members have totaled how many health professionals they were able to place in rural or underserved communities and the results are impressive. Over its last fiscal year, the national nonprofit added $1.87 billion in economic impact and helped add 32,591 jobs across the country.

3RNet is a national nonprofit network that works through its 53 members to help rural and underserved areas find health care professionals looking for jobs. Members recently completed a survey to help the organization compile how many professionals were placed in communities through their efforts.

From October 2013 through September 2014, 3RNet members were able to refer physician candidates to health care facilities 85,710 times and non-physician candidates 55,950 times. Through these referrals, members assisted in the placement of 1,718 health professionals across the country including rural and underserved communities.

“Placing over 1,700 health care professionals across the country means that rural and underserved communities are healthier and more viable. We could not place so many qualified professionals without the expertise and hard work of our national network of dedicated members. These numbers really speak to our strength as an organization, which has always been our members,” said Mike Shimmens, executive director for 3RNet.

According to the National Center for Rural Health Works, hiring a rural primary care physician results in adding $1.4 million in economic impact and 24.2 jobs. Using these numbers for physician placements only, 3RNet added $1.667 billion in economic impact and 28,822 jobs in communities nationwide. Rural Health Works estimates that for each nurse practitioner or physician assistant placed, 12.8 jobs and $679,799 are added, and that each dentist placement adds 7 jobs and $400,000 in payroll. In total, using data from Rural Health Works, 3RNet added 32,591 jobs and $1.87 billion to communities across the country.

“For twenty years our mission has been to improve rural and underserved areas by helping connect communities with physicians and other health care providers,” said Shimmens. “It’s impressive to see that after two decades we still are playing a vital role in improve access to quality health care in areas that need it most.”

Physicians specializing in family medicine, internal medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics, and obstetrics/gynecology were the most-placed. Nurse practitioners, dentists, physician assistants, social workers, and registered nurses, were the most-placed non-physician health professionals during this time frame.

To see the full report on 3RNet’s activity for 2013-2014, visit www.3rnet.org/impact.

To learn more about 3RNet and their members, visit www.3rnet.org.

About 3RNet

3RNet is a national nonprofit network of members who work to connect physicians and health professionals looking for jobs in rural or underserved areas with communities across the country through the 3RNet’s job board (www.3rnet.org) and their local expertise.

3RNet’s mission is to improve rural and underserved communities' access to quality health care through recruitment of physicians and other health care professionals, development of community based recruitment and retention activities, and national advocacy relative to rural and underserved health care workforce issues.

3RNet members are organizations such as State Offices of Rural Health, Primary Care Offices, AHECs, university programs, state-based non-profit organizations and Primary Care Associations. 

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