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2022 Kennedy-Kafer Service Award Recipient: Anita Mitchell

2022 Kennedy-Kafer Service Award Recipient: Anita Mitchell

Tell us about when and how you were first connected with 3RNET.
Wow, TACHC became an Associate Member of 3RNET in 2011; thus, my connection with 3RNET was likely as early as 2007 through the 3RNET State Organizational Member. At that time we had a local Recruitment Resource Network Group that would meet and collaborate regularly on recruitment efforts when the opportunity presented itself.  

Tell us about your history with 3RNET. How long have you served as an associate member? What committees, projects, events, and more have you helped with?
I have been directly involved with 3RNET as an Associate Member of TACHC staff since 2011 and at one time served on 3RNet’s Marketing team/committee. I have been part of the Immigration Round Table meetings, have regularly participated in the 3RNET-led Recruiting for Retention Academy and over the years have joined 3RNET at numerous in-person and virtual recruiting events including ACP, AAFP National Conference, AAFP FMX, USAFP, and Psych Congress Elevate. As an active recruitment team at TACHC and as an associate member, I have also been responsible for TACHC participating in the 3RNET Annual Survey. 

What does ‘service’ mean to you?
Service to me means sacrifice. It is giving of oneself willingly and unselfishly. It is an attitude, a lifestyle, and the heart of a being. A person of service is someone who lives a life of service because that is who they are at the core of their being…they are not only serving in their job but in their families/home, in their community, at PTA meetings, and other volunteer programs. Service is not just meeting major needs, but it is also in the small things that go unnoticed. You’ll find that person of service, always serving others with a smile, a word of encouragement, hope, and joy.  

What does the 3RNET Network of membership organizations mean to you? 
3RNET is a membership like no other that I have experienced. They have a phenomenal staff that is the epitome of “service.” With great leadership, come great followers! Through 3RNET I have been able to network with peers across the nation, learn and grow professionally and create lifelong friendships. The 3RNET network is a group of people who share the same passion and struggles, yet are willing to share the best of what they do to help their colleagues succeed. This is a network of professionals who are on the same team, not competing against one another but are there to complement each other for the betterment of the greater good! 

What advice would you give to someone new to 3RNET or new to recruitment? 
Connect at every opportunity: webinars, recruitment events, and the 3RNET Annual Conference. Do be afraid to ask what you don’t know, because through this network you will find your answer. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 
The staff of 3RNET and their leader are not only brilliant people, but they are fun as well! 😊 This is a place where you will not only grow in your profession, but you will meet a lot of wonderful people across the nation and will have FUN doing so!