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2021 Moskol Award Recipient: Keith Clark

2021 Moskol Award Recipient: Keith Clark

Congratulations to our 2021 Fredric Moskol Leadership Award recipient, Keith Clark!

Keith Clark was the Vice President of Marketing for a large insurance company in southern Nevada, and when they had some large internal changes, he felt like he wanted to finally give his kids a “rural experience” like he had growing up. He spent a lot of time at his grandmother’s farm in rural Wyoming near Teton National Park, and he credits this time with forming his passion for both service and rural. 

When he took his family from Las Vegas to Elko, he was quickly offered a position with the school of medicine when they learned of his background. Seventeen years later, he’s still a pivotal part of Nevada’s rural health outreach, serving as the Rural Outreach Director, as well as the Frontier AHEC Director and State Loan Repayment Director for the University of Nevada. 

Like many 3RNET Network Coordinators, Keith found himself sort of “handed” the role of 3RNET. How he first learned about 3RNET may be one of the more unique we’ve heard. 

“My wife was doing her mobile dental care work, and I was with her in a barn near Elko, Nevada. That’s where I met Fred Moskol. I sat at a table with him and learned about 3RNET and the vision he had for this organization,” Keith shared. 

Imagine that! You’re in the middle of nowhere, and you meet Fred Moskol! Perhaps “How I learned about 3RNET stories” are like rural communities: once you’ve heard about one, you’ve heard about… one! 

Fortunate for our organization, Keith understood the value of 3RNET and has a contagious spirit around the importance of health workforce. 

“I see it as we’re all just ‘playing house’ if we don’t have workforce. None of this other stuff matters if we don’t have people caring for our people. That’s why I got more involved with 3RNET,” Keith said.

And did he ever get involved! Keith has served as the 3RNET Network Coordinator since Nevada joined our organization. In addition, he has served as a 3RNET Board Member several times, serving one term (2014 – 2016) as Board President. He was also instrumental in hiring 3RNET’s new Executive Director, sitting on the hiring committee, when Mike Shimmens was hired. 

“I’ve always tried to instill this idea in people – we bring healthcare to people who otherwise may go without. I believe it brings a lot of honor to what we do. Sometimes I may get a bit too serious about it, but I feel the importance of what 3RNET does so much,” Keith shared.

Statements like this are why we can’t think of Nevada without thinking about Keith Clark. He’s given so much of his natural leadership to our organization through the years. 3RNET is an organization grounded in history. This is a major reason we have this award named after our founder, Fred Moskol. But, it’s more than that. It’s about carrying that spirit forward. Keith Clark is a perfect example of a 3RNET Network Coordinator who does that carrying. 

When asked about ‘leadership’, Keith thoughtfully shared, “The greatest part of leadership is being able to elevate those that are around you and bring out the best in them. And, doing this with humility. Don’t pretend you know everything. Surround yourself with good people and support them.”

Keith has certainly given this leadership to 3RNET. Whether it’s in a Board Meeting or at a 3RNET Annual Conference, he’s always engaged and asking questions – and he’s not afraid to sometimes be the one to ask the tough questions. 

“I really want to hear what everyone else has to say. I think that is so important. It’s just like rural America. We’re all different, and we all have something to bring to the table,” Keith said. 

And if that’s not enough Keith Clark inspiration for you, we’ll leave you with this last comment: 

“My grandmother used to tell me there are two people in life: those you love, and those you don’t know. That’s what I love about 3RNET. Everyone comes from a unique place, and you can find out so much about our country and these unique little stories from our Network. You just have to ask.”

We are so proud to add Keith Clark to the list of our Frederic Moskol Leadership Award recipients. A humble, inquisitive, and passionate leader for rural health in Nevada, and beyond.

The Fredric Moskol 3RNET Leadership Award is presented at 3RNET's Annual Conference to a person who possesses outstanding leadership abilities, supports the mission of 3RNET, responds compassionately to the healthcare needs of rural and underserved populations, and does so with a collaborative and compassionate spirit. 3RNET’s Board of Directors selects the Moskol Leadership Award recipient. The first Moskol Leadership Award was presented in 2013.

Learn more about the Moskol Award here.