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2016 Moskol Award Recipient - Jerry Harrison

The Fredric Moskol 3RNet Leadership Award is presented at 3RNet’s annual conference to a person who possesses outstanding leadership abilities, supports the mission of 3RNet, responds compassionately to the healthcare needs of rural and underserved populations, and does so with a collaborative and compassionate spirit. 

This year’s recipient, Jerry Harrison, embodies all of these traits above and beyond. Jerry’s name has been synonymous with 3RNet since our organization began in 1995, but since long before 3RNet came to be, Jerry has been leading efforts for and supporting the healthcare needs of rural and underserved populations in New Mexico and beyond. 

Jerry started with New Mexico Health Resources in 1994, and celebrated 22 years with the organization this past July 7. He came to this position from the behavioral health world – where he recruited his first physician in 1980. When Jerry started with NMHR, it was on the verge of bankruptcy. Jerry helped turn this struggling organization into one that at first recruited ten providers a year (which was a huge deal for them at the time) into one that last year alone, assisted in the placement of 82 providers throughout the Land of Enchantment.

Jerry’s talent for recruitment is impressive, but it’s his passion for service that really sets him apart. He has provided formal support for 3RNet as a board member (2006 – 2012) and board president (2010 – 2012), currently serves on the 3RNet marketing committee, and has served on several ad hoc committees throughout the years. Informally, Jerry is one of the best advocates 3RNet could ever ask for, and he works endlessly to help ensure the integrity of our organization is maintained. As an example, and to quote him, “Every person that enters 3RNet is looked at by me in the last 48 hours. Whenever I come to work on Monday, I backtrack to the previous Thursday to see who’s been on the site”. And, if you’ve ever been at a conference or event with Jerry, odds are he’s nearby a computer or his cell phone and has recently been on the site or in contact with recently registered candidates!

Jerry’s fierce dedication to 3RNet is followed closely by his modesty toward what he adds to our network. He would tell you the success of his organization comes from 3RNet, his staff, and those who mentored him early in his career. But, we know these are really just pieces of the legacy Jerry will one day leave behind. Much like this award’s namesake, Jerry’s shoes (if we ever allow him to retire…) are the kind you’re not sure could ever be filled. For now, we want to simply extend our gratitude to Jerry Harrison: outstanding leader, outstanding supporter of 3RNet’s mission, and outstanding contributor to the betterment of countless rural and underserved communities throughout New Mexico and the United States. Congratulations on being named the 2016 recipient of the Frederic Moskol Leadership Award, Jerry Harrison!