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Hanneke Van Dyke
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The gateway to Old Mexico, the South Texas Plains unites two cultures that share dynamic histories and traditions. Tex-Mex cafes and charming shops line the romantic River Walk in San Antonio, city of Spanish missions and family attractions such as SeaWorld and Six Flags Theme Parks.

Many land changes have occurred in this area but the brush country remains rich in wildlife and a haven for many rare species of plants and animals. Livestock grazing and crop production are the rpinciple agricultural land uses.

This area consists of Medically Underserved Areas MUA's) and Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA's).

Please send all inquiries to the Texas Primary Care Office: Conrad30@dshs.texas.gov or go to http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/chpr/j1info.shtm

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Texas Primary Care Office
Texas Primary Care Office
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Hanneke Van Dyke
Texas Dept of Agriculture - SORH
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