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The Panhandle Plains, comprised of the high plains region and the rolling plains, make up the southern end of the Great Plains of the central United States. 

Better known as cattle country, the Panhandle Plains offer big skies, sweeping sunsets, great plains, and breathtaking vistas. Adventurers can climb the majestic multicolored cliffs of Caprock Escarpment and explore rugged Palo Duro Canyon on foot or horseback.

Area cities complete with cowboy customs as well as cultural sophistication are exciting destinations.

This area is also wonderful for those interested in Old West Heritage and offers many museums and exhibits relating to the topic. Truly a unique area!

Please send all inquiries to the Texas Primary Care Office: Conrad30@dshs.texas.gov or go to http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/chpr/j1info.shtm

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Hanneke Van Dyke
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