Radiology Tech Position Available

RADIOLOGY & X-RAY TECHNICIAN Opportunity Available in the Beautiful Northern Mariana Islands


Who Are We? Commonwealth Healthcare is a dynamic group--and the only hospital--serving a multi-cultural community of about 50,000. Our patients have no other facility to divert to, and there is no medevac service to off-island locations. We are it. Case acuities run from minor to severe, and many patients deal with multiple medical issues compounded by financial and social restraints.

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Garapan, Northern Mariana Islands, Map It

25,001 and above

25,001 and above

Clarinda C. Ngirausui or Elizabeth Kohnen, MD, MPH
Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation
P.O. Box 500409
1 Lower Navy Hill Road
Saipan, MP 96950
Phone: 670-236-8204 Kohnen- 670-783-1128
Fax: 670-236-8756

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