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Jerry Harrison, PhD
Tel: 505 260 0993 /800-288-6930

Southwestern New Mexico is a trove of diversity, from the scenery, to the people, cultures, to the food.  It is known for its green chile and acres of pecan groves.

The Rio Grande flows through the fertile Mesilla Valley.  The vast Gila National Forest is great for hiking and camping and backpacking. New Mexico's largest lake, Elephant Butte, begins at the hot springs haven of Truth or Consequences. The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge near Socorro provides a haven for countless species of birds. On the Plains of San Augustin, you will come across the array of giant, gleaming, white radio antennae that are part of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.


The New Mexico Department of Health will process waiver applications on a continuous basis.
Jerry Harrison, PhD, Executive Director, New Mexico Health Resources, Inc., maintains a list of openings that will consider J-1's. Dr. Harrison may be contacted at 505-260-0993. J-1's applicants may fax their CV to 505-260-1919 or email their CV to

For applications and general information, contact Jasmin Hendrickson, Program Coordinator, New Mexico Department of Health at 505-222-8672. Please note that Ms. Hendrickson does not maintain a list of physician openings.

A description of the current Visa Waiver Application Process may be found at:

 New Mexico participates fully in the waiver program, with both primary care and specialists eligible to participate. New Mexico also allocates ten "undesignated" slots to practice sites in urban areas that treat patients from underserved areas of the state. New Mexico accepts applications on a continuous basis.

J1 Contact Information

Jasmin Hendrickson
New Mexico Department of Health
300 San Mateo NE
Suite 900
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108
Phone: (505) 222-8672
Fax: (505) 222-8675
NMDOH J-1 Visa Waiver Application Process

Jerry Harrison, PhD
New Mexico Health Resources, Inc.
300 San Mateo NE
Suite 905
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108
Phone: 505 260 0993 /800-288-6930
Fax: 505-260-1919


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