Physician - Family Medicine Position Available

Scenic Rivers Health Services clinic in Cook is conveniently located in the Cook Hospital and together we provide a continuum of care. Practicing in the nursing home, clinic, hospital and emergency room our physicians play a vital and rewarding role. The position is uniquely diverse, challenging and gratifying. It is a rare opportunity to practice full spectrum medicine with a collaborative team of physicians and still have time to interact with your patients. 8-12 patients per day! - No O/B


Imagine a place, just off a major highway, where you'll have access to a vast lake and miles of wilderness. Imagine a place where all your needs are met with resorts, stores, restaurants, schools, a hospital, a medical and dental clinic and you still have time to rediscover what life is all about. Imagine no further

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Cook, Minnesota, Map It



Pamela G. Lehmann
Medi-Sota, Inc.
1280 Locust Street
Suite 16
Dawson, MN 56232
Phone: 320-226-2238
Fax: 320-769-2298
Medi-Sota Recruitment

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