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With a population of 325,000, north central Kansas, often called the Land of Post Rock, features plains as far as the eye can see and hundreds of miles of stone fence posts still standing after more than 100 years. This area was named Post Rock Country for its spectacular use of limestone, which makes up courthouses, homes, barns, stores, and fences throughout the region.

This is the land of the pony express and the Oregon Trail, and this area boasts the only remaining original, unaltered Pony Express station in the United States. The foundations of the Old West can be found in Ellsworth, one of the original cowtowns. You can hit the trails cowboy-style (or cowgirl) with Prairie Moon Riding Stables located near Kanopolis Lake.

Hunting is a popular sport here. The Jamestown Waterfowl area is on the migration path for thousands of geese, ducks and cranes. The prairie is also home for many quail, pheasant, and wild turkey. And you can still see buffalo roaming the plains. For great fishing and water sports, visit Kanopolis Lake, Milford Lake, or Lovewell Reservoir.

There are 13 hospitals in this region.

Kansas participates in the State 30 (Conrad) J-1 Visa Waiver Program. Contact Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Application information is available at the web site http://www.kdheks.gov/olrh/

Other J-1 Notes: Instructions for making application for a J-1 visa waiver recommendation through the state of Kansas "Conrad 30" program are available at the Local and Rural Health website:



All program updates are posted to this website. Applications are now being accepted and must be submitted by a health care facility or employer on behalf of a physician with a J-1 visa. Physicians are not able to apply directly to the program.


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