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Welcome to the Oklahoma City Area of the Indian Health Service

The Oklahoma City Area Indian Health Service (IHS) serves the states of Oklahoma, Kansas and portions of Texas. Home to more than 40 Tribes and Tribal Organizations, many Tribes operate their own health programs, including large-scale hospitals, smaller preventive care programs and Behavioral Health programs.

The partnerships and cooperation among the Tribes, IHS federal and Urban Indian Programs is a unique characteristic of the Oklahoma City Area — a collective effort that ensures the health care needs of the Area and its local communities are nurtured and fulfilled. In the Oklahoma City Area, Tribal facilities are viewed as leaders in health care and the provision of care. IHS federal and Tribal programs have developed innovative facilities offering comprehensive health systems for American Indians and Alaska Natives. The Area is also home to Urban Clinics that are Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) that provide ambulatory outpatient health care to urban communities.


The Area benefits from its own Office of Environmental Health and Engineering, which aims to prevent and reduce diseases and injuries among its patient population. In consultation with the Tribes, the Oklahoma City Area Office of Environmental Health and Engineering eliminates health hazards in homes and communities, conducts engineering activities to design and construct water and sewer systems, provides training and technical assistance for the operation and maintenance of sanitation facilities and manages the biomedical engineering support at IHS federal and Tribal health care facilities.

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Indian Health Service
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