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Welcome to the Great Plains Area of the Indian Health Service

The Indian Health Service (IHS) Great Plains Area, headquartered in Aberdeen, SD, provides health services to approximately 120,000 American Indians and Alaska Natives in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. An agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), IHS offers health care professionals an unparalleled opportunity to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care in a variety of disciplines and settings.

The Area’s 23 IHS and Tribally managed Service Units include hospitals, health centers, health stations and satellite clinics that provide inpatient and outpatient care, including preventive and curative health care services.

The facilities’ approximately 2,600 employees include 134 Physicians, more than 500 Registered Nurses, 42 Nurse Practitioners, 31 Physician Assistants, 21 Psychologists, 22 Social Workers, 103 Pharmacists, 15 Optometrists, 42 Dentists and a host of other health professionals. The Area operates an active research effort through its Epidemiology Program. Research projects deal with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and the application of health risk appraisals in all communities.


The Great Plains’ vast prairies and abundant waterways are home to 16 Tribal reservations: Eight in South Dakota, four in North Dakota, three in Nebraska and one in Iowa. Three facilities serve Indian populations living outside of reservations; these are in Rapid City, SD; Trenton, ND; and Norfolk, NE.

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