Registered Nurse (RN) Position Available

Valley Vista Care of Sandpoint is located in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho!


?Sandpoint is at an elevation of 2,070 feet and covers 7 square miles. ?The population is 8,100 in Sandpoint and 40,908 in Bonner County. ?The median sale price of a residential property in Sandpoint for 2018 is $330,000, in Hope $384,000, and in Priest River $270,000. ?The closest international airport is located in Spokane, 70 miles from Sandpoint. ?Sandpoint is 450 miles from Boise, 225 miles from Glacier National Park, 200 miles from Missoula, Montana, and only 45 miles from Coeur d’ Ale

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Sandpoint, Idaho, Map It



Primary Care Office Manager
Idaho Primary Care Office
450 W. State Street, 4th Floor
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0036
Phone: 208-334-0669
Fax: (208) 332-7262
Idaho Bureau of Rural Health and Primary Care

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