Registered Nurse (RN) - Family Medicine Position Available

As a Registered Nurse, show the love through Accessible, Quality healthcare, all while being part of an amazing community in some of the most gorgeous land on God's green Earth.


Glennallen is a small community approximately 4 hours from Anchorage. We have a population of approximately 290 people and we serve a greater community of approximately 8000 people across a land area approximately the size of the state of Indiana. Temperatures will swing in the summer from 90 degrees to winter temps as low as -60 degrees. The copper river valley is home to the world's best salmon (no bias there) and amazing outdoor opportunities.

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Glennallen, Alaska, Map It



Della Fisher
State of Alaska
Section of Rural & Community Health System
PO Box 110650
Juneau, AK 99811-0650
Phone: (907) 754-3479
Health Planning and Systems Development

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