Fredric Moskol 3RNet Leadership Award

About the Moskol Leadership Award

The Fredric Moskol 3RNet Leadership Award is presented at 3RNet’s annual conference to a person who possesses outstanding leadership abilities, supports the mission of 3RNet, responds compassionately to the healthcare needs of rural and underserved populations, and does so with a collaborative and compassionate spirit. 3RNet’s Board of Directors selects the Moskol Leadership Award recipient. The first Moskol Leadership Award was presented in 2013.

About Fred Moskol

Fred Moskol, the founding father of 3RNet, is a man of many talents, but is perhaps most recognized for his distinguished role in health care. Fred is a visionary and a man of determination who resolutely worked for more than twenty years to create a national healthcare recruitment organization to serve rural and underserved America. 

While serving as the director of the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health and associate director of the Wisconsin AHEC at the University of Wisconsin, Fred lead the effort to create a national rural recruitment network primarily comprised of State Offices of Rural Health.

In 1995, after years of promoting and cajoling, the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) officially voted to support Freds’ idea of a national recruitment organization. In 1999, the National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network was incorporated, and Fred became the first executive director of 3RNet. He remained in this position until 2005. 

The creation of a national recruitment organization, however, was anything but an easy birth.  Fred experienced repeated rebuffs and rejections from organizations and individuals he deemed to be critical partners, partners that would need to work collaboratively if this organization was to be get off the ground and be successful.  Refusing to be deterred, Fred embodied the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”  

From the outset, Fred stressed that physician recruitment was all about community development and retention, two themes that continue to be at the epicenter of today’s recruitment efforts.  In those early days, being an organizational member required having a phone and a person to answer it.  It was as basic as that.  But Fred recognized the critical role technology might play in the recruitment and retention effort and quickly embraced the use of the World Wide Web to help promote 3RNet to a wider audience.  He created the first 3RNet website with the guidance of one of his staff members, a website that has evolved over the years but remains the primary working tool of 3RNet.

By the time Fred retired as Executive Director in 2005, 3RNet had:

  • Grown to include 44 members  
  • Published the Recruitment and Retention Manual
  • Initiated Associate Membership 
  • Crafted a mission statement 
  • Begun doing an annual survey
We are extremely proud to name the 3RNet Leadership Award for Fred.


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