How to Use Our Website - Employers

Recruiting to rural and underserved areas can be hard. Let 3RNet make it easier. is a nonprofit job board specifically geared to candidates interested in rural and underserved America. 

By posting jobs on 3RNet, facilities gain access to:

  • Over 53,000 actively registered candidates (we don’t make cold calls – every candidate has chosen to sign up with us)
  • 300 new candidate registrations each month
  • 4,000 active job opportunities across the country

Get started posting on 3RNet today:

  1. Go to our employer registration form
  2. Fill out the form, selecting the state you wish to post jobs in
  3. Click “Save Information”

Once your application is submitted:

  1. Your application will go to the appropriate 3RNet organizational member
  2. The 3RNet member will either approve or deny your application based on their state criteria
  3. You will be automatically notified via email, and if approved, jobs can be posted immediately

About 3RNet & 3RNet Members:

  • 3RNet has been the premier rural and underserved job board for 20 years. 
  • 3RNet members are individually tasked with running 3RNet in their state and are the only ones that can allow you to post jobs. 
  • Communicate with your state member to learn if any fees apply and what other services may be available to you.

Questions about posting on 3RNet?