3RNet Mission, Vision & History

3RNet Mission

3RNet works to improve rural and underserved communities' access to quality health care through recruitment of physicians and other health care professionals, development of community based recruitment and retention activities, and national advocacy relative to rural and underserved health care workforce issues.

3RNet Vision

3RNet is the national leader for community-based health professional recruitment and retention, using interactive technologies and communication.

3RNet History

Fred Moskol, the mastermind of 3RNet, was a pharmacist by training and the first Director of the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health.  In his role as director, Fred focused on physician recruitment and, with others, created the New Physicians for Wisconsin recruitment program, which encouraged family medicine physicians from the Midwest to practice in Wisconsin’s rural communities.

Access to healthcare was a nationwide problem and especially severe in rural areas.  Fred envisioned a national organization to address this need – one that focused not just on recruitment, but on community development and the selection of providers who would become invested in the communities and provide ongoing services.  From 1975 to 1995, Fred championed the cause and began building support across the country.  Fred emphasized community development.  This meant knowing the people in the community, identifying key individuals, and developing informed cadres that could talk to prospective physicians about healthcare and economic development.

In 1995, after 20 years of advocating for a network supporting rural recruitment, the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health voted to approve a national recruitment program.  3RNet began operating that year with twelve members.  By 2013, the organization had grown to fifty-three members and was recognized as a national voice on rural recruitment and retention issues.  When incorporated in 1999, Fred Moskol served as the Executive Director and Nikki Kennedy was hired as the Administrator.

In 2002, the Board of Directors formulated 3RNet’s mission:

3RNet works to improve rural and underserved communities’ access to quality healthcare through the recruitment and retention of physicians and other healthcare professionals, development of community based recruitment and retention activities, and national advocacy relative to rural and underserved healthcare workforce issues.

A significant method for actualizing the mission was the ongoing development of 3RNet’s website, which serves as a clearinghouse for its members.  Each member maintains state and regional pages within the 3RNet website, providing information about communities, available opportunities, and loan repayment programs.  Members and healthcare facilities can post opportunities directly to the website and members can access a candidate database.

Printable history and 3RNet timeline.

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