South Dakota

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    South Dakota


    Friendly people and widely varying landscapes from large cities to rural farms are what make South Dakota a state of “Great Faces, Great Places.”

    Photo courtesy of South Dakota Department of Tourism

    The eastern side of the state is comprised primarily of numerous small communities and glacial lakes spread across miles of prairie land. South Dakota's largest metropolitan area, Sioux Falls, is also located on the eastern side of the state and offers its residents numerous healthcare jobs while still retaining a community atmosphere.

    The landscape of the state changes as you travel west. The gently rolling hills and glacial lakes of the east develop into the unparalleled beauty of the Badlands and Black Hills in the west. This side of the state is home to a number of famous landmarks such as Crazy Horse Memorial and Mount Rushmore which have created a tourism-driven economy that provides many opportunities for the area’s residents.

    The vast hunting and fishing opportunities offered in the state draw outdoorsmen from all over the world. Residents and visitors alike enjoy a great variety of recreational opportunities that are available to them.

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