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The most important piece of advice we can give about loan repayment?

Loan repayment should not be the only factor you consider when choosing a job

(or profession!). Choosing a job based solely because loan repayment is offered

(while ignoring other factors about the job) may lead to job dissatisfaction, and

ultimately, the loan repayment you signed up for may result in financial penalties

if you leave the job before your commitment is fulfilled.

Terms you need to know

Loan Repayment

You already have a job with an employer. You apply for ‘x’ amount of money to be

given to you or are given a set amount of money toward your student loan debt

in exchange for service. Example: you agree to work three years for a facility and

will receive $40,000 a year for each of those years of service.


You may or may

not have a job. You apply for money toward a m

edical education

you’re already ac

cepted to. This may or may not come with a co

ntractual service

(or other) obligati


Health Professional Shortage Areas (HSPAs)

A federal designation of an area (eg. A county) ranking the need for/shortage of

health professionals. Learn more about HPSAs with 3RNet’s HPSA guide.

Primary Care Office (PCO)

The federally designated person/office responsible for many tasks related

to HPSAs and loan repayment programs. There is one PCO in every state;

you can find a full list of PCOs here:


Loan Repayment Basics