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What is a HPSA?

HPSAs are a rating system used to determine the highest areas of

need for health care providers.

HPSAs are federal designations determined through data submitted by

a state’s Primary Care Office (PCO). There is one PCO in every state.

You can find a list of all the PCOs here:


HPSAs are designated using a scoring system. A ‘HPSA score’ is a

number that can change over time and ranges from 1-25 for primary

care and mental health HPSAs and 1-26 for dental HPSAs. The higher

the HPSA score, the greater the need.

To learn more about HPSAs

• Visit


• Contact your PCO

• Contact your 3RNet member:


How can you find out if a facility is a designated HPSA?

• HRSA has a HPSA designation search tool that can be found here:

or here:

HPSA Basics