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State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

SLRP (pronounced ‘slurp’) is partially federally funded but requires a state, employer, or other to match the money

given, dollar for dollar. SLRP programs are typically similar to NHSC (e.g. SLRP programs are required to follow

the same breach penalty as NHSC), but as the state, employer, or other also contributes money, they may be

more flexible in certain aspects (HPSA score needed to apply, etc.) or may impose additional requirements to

participate in SLRP. You can see which states participate in the SLRP here: stateloanrepaymentprogram/contacts.html

Other Programs

There may be other options to consider in your state, such as employer sponsored loan repayment or awards from

private foundations.

Independent State Programs

Many states have, through their own legislative processes, created financial incentive programs for health

professionals. These programs vary from state to state. Connecting with your 3RNet member or PCO or searching

online are good ways to identify independent state programs.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Questions and answers for federal student loan borrowers interested in this program can be found here:


Community-Based or Hospital/Health System-Based Programs

Some communities and even hospitals or health systems sponsor their own programs. If you don’t have a program

like this in place, consider starting one!

Other Important Things to Know About Loan Repayment Programs

• Know that most programs—including National Health Service Corps—cannot be promised. There is an application

process and things (such as HPSA scores) can change.

• Renewals are not guaranteed! For example, if the HPSA score of your facility changes, it will not affect current loan

repayment, but could impact an employee’s ability to get a renewal.

• Know the requirements for participation (reporting, etc.) for you AND your employee. What do you have to report?

When do you have to report it?

• Federal loan repayment programs are restricted to U.S. citizens, but you may pursue other state, community based

or hospital programs that do not have the U.S. citizenship requirement.

• 3RNet members are excellent resources since they are aware of federal, state, and local programs, which is

important since regulations for one program may prohibit the use of another.

Common Loan Repayment Programs