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But what is important to note is the following:

• The prospect of getting a J-1 waiver and then H-1B visa status can and should be an important advantage in

recruiting into rural and medically underserved areas;

• Our immigration laws further contain retention provisions that obligate an IMG to remain for stipulated periods of

time with the J-1 sponsor;

• Given the immigration benefits arising from the J-1 waiver process, rural and medically underserved communities

oftentimes can recruit extremely qualified IMGs who possess key professional skills of great value to the


• This whole process requires advance planning and open communication, but over the past 20 years, it has been

utilized to steer literally thousands of J-1 physicians into placements in rural and medically underserved


Why Should I Recruit and How Do I Retain Somone on a J-1 Waiver?