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What You Need to Apply

A job offer where your employer will sponsor your J-1 visa waiver and

H-1B work visa.

State license –depending on the state. (e.g. state’s licensing process can

take a long time so they may grant a waiver while the license is processing

so as to not slow everything down).

Steps to the J-1 Waiver Process

A physician must secure a bona fide offer of employment from an employer

that will sponsor the IMG for a J-1 waiver & a change into H-1B status.

IMG must apply for case number from the U.S. Department of State.

The health care facility applies for a J-1 waiver to the State Department of


The state department of health (different in each state) sets guidelines that

must be met to show that the physician will enhance coverage of medically at-

risk populations.

U.S. Department of State reviews the J-1 waiver application (4-6 weeks).

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services reviews J-1 waiver application &

issues final approval (at least 2-6 weeks).

IMG must begin work within 90 days of receiving approval from USCIS.