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Job Search Process

Start your job search 12-18 months prior to when you can potentially start


You need to narrow down WHERE you want to work by state to determine

what you need to apply.

Determine which facilities are eligible (i.e. are in a HPSA or MUA).

Your visa is specific to one employer (i.e. in most instances you cannot

moonlight). Ask an attorney if you have questions!

Once You Find a Job You Want

You’re like any other resident trainee – you need a job. Once you find a job,

you need to make sure you’re eligible to work at said job.

Let the employer know you’re looking for a visa sponsorship.

Facilities can ask during interview process: “Are you legally authorized to

work in the United States?” and “Do you need visa sponsorship?”

Facilities can ask the following follow-up questions: “What is your current

status?”, “What visa sponsorship is needed?”, and “How much time do you

have left in your current status?”


You can sign an employment contract, but you cannot work until you have

that waiver and the H-1B work visa.

Timelines: Applications & Job Search Processe